The Capital Report is an annual eMagazine that publishes the top submitted and vetted journalistic accounts written by MacEwan University’s fourth year journalism students in the BCSC424: Reporting on Canadian Politics course.

Each year the student journalists research and craft four news reports and one full length feature which can then be submitted to the volunteer editors of The Capital Report to be reviewed based on quality of reporting, potential audience interest, and timeliness for Canadians attentive to political journalism at all levels of government. Our hope is to offer a uniquely Prairie-centric student journalism voice from the capital of Alberta, covering the federal and provincial capitals’ political activities, captured right before these students receive their undergraduate degrees each year in June. The annual launch date is: May 1, 2016.

Copyright remains the property of the journalists alone, unless otherwise indicated by Creative Commons license. None of the articles have been published previously. All views expressed are representative of the individual journalists alone. MacEwan University is not responsible for the content, views, or contributions of the individual students. All images and photos are used freely under open source or noncommerical rights usage unless otherwise stated in captions. All rights reserved.