The Capital Report is a Canadian political reporting focused publication run by third and fourth year journalism students at MacEwan University. All editors and writers are based in Edmonton, Alberta.

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Peter Malachy Ryan is the publisher of the The Capital Report.  He is an instructor for the Bachelor of Communication Studies program at MacEwan University, where he also works as an instructional designer in the eLearning Office, within the Office of the Chief Information Officer. He previously taught for five years in the Department of Politics and Public Administration at Ryerson University while he completed his doctorate in the joint York/Ryerson Communication and Culture programme. His courses include Communication Theory, Professional Field Placement, Reporting on Canadian Politics, and Research Methods. Follow him @prnetworks

Staff and Contributors for Issue Two – 2016

SaharSaifeeSahar Saifee is the federal section editor at The Capital Report. An avid reader, news junkie and human rights activist, she always knew she wanted to use writing to give a voice to the powerless, and that is what inspired her to go into journalism. As well as writing news stories, she runs a lifestyle blog and has done work for the Edmonton Journal. Follow her @Sahar_Saifee

JasminePushakJasmine Pushak is the provincial section editor at The Capital Report. She is an emerging writer dedicated to serving the public with honesty, empathy and remarkable consistency. Her writings focus on sustainable living and the environment. Jasmine finds her inspiration when listening to music, creating art or when immersing herself in nature. Follow her @PushakJasmine

IMG_1005Paul Gazzola is the municipal section editor at The Capital Report. Born and raised in Edmonton, Alta, Paul has increasingly become keen with reporting about his hometown for the convenience of Edmontonians. Whether it’s sports, politics, human-interest or developing stories, Paul remains absorbed in Edmonton wholeheartedly. Follow him @PaulGazz7

IMG_0997Taryn Brandell is the photo editor and staff writer at The Capital Report. Follow her @tarynbrandell





Jen Henderson is a copy editor and staff writer at The Capital Report. She has a passion for Canadian federal politics and economic policy decisions. Follow her @jennyhenders




Nick Hobson is the fact-checker and staff writer at The Capital Report. He grew up in Hinton Alberta, mostly playing basketball. He began to take writing seriously towards the end of highschool. After a year in open studies, Nick decided to pursue the field of journalism. His dream is to raise awareness on social issues, highlight influential people in society and travel the globe.


IMG_0991Zach Howe is a social media manager and staff writer at The Capital Report. He studies journalism at MacEwan University, and is most interested in conflict reporting. His focus is on social disruption and turbulence. One day Zach hopes to be an international reporter, telling the stories of people in war-torn countries. Follow him @wuareyou


IMG_1000Anthony Bacchus is a social media manager and staff writer at The Capital Report. Follow him @anthonybacchus



Jibril Yassin is a copy editor and staff writer at The Capital Report. He is from Edmonton, Alberta, and studies journalism at MacEwan University. He is hoping to finish his degree and get a job reading lovely things and sometimes responding by writing lovely things in return.

Staff and Contributors for Issue One – 2015

Stephan Boissonneault is a staff writer for The Capital Report. His focuses are political based stories that have to do with the arts and the environment. He has been published by the griff, Noisey and Vice. Follow him @SDBoissonneault

Alex MacPherson is an editor at The Capital Report. He has been published in the Edmonton Journal, the St. Albert Gazette, and Vice. His biggest accomplishment within journalism was interviewing his hero Roméo A. Dallaire in early 2015. Follow him @macphersonnews

Jenn Mentanko is the copy editor of The Capital Report. She took an internship with Global News in 2014 where she wrote various stories on their website. Her writing focuses on governmental policies and decisions that affect Canadians.

Kyle Muzyka is a web designer and staff writer for The Capital Report.  His interests are sports, arts, and politics; Kyle enjoys sifting through data (or employing computer programs to do so) and generating stories from them. His goals lie in broadcast journalism, entrepreneurship, and teaching, in that specific order. In his spare time, he enjoys watching large amounts of sports and eating spinach. Follow him @kylemuzyka

Dylan Thompson is the graphics editor of The Capital Report. He enjoys writing politically controversial stories with a community or social justice focus. He has done work with the Edmonton Journal and Rat Creek Press Association. Follow him @YetAnotherDylan

Daren Zomerman is the website administrator and a staff writer for The Capital Report with an interest in everything to do with science and politics. He has been published in the griff, The Edmonton Journal, and MacLean’s. Follow him @Daren_Z